Everyone has a top strength to capitalize on

The Key

  • DISCOVER your unique God-given natural abilities and how you are wired.

  • EXPLORE your career picks from your custom reports and debrief meeting.    

  • UNDERSTAND why you would be happy in some fields and not as happy with others.

  • LEARN how to find the best career information from LinkedIn and other resources to build real-world views and answers.  What you learn will be invaluable for navigating your career for the rest of your working life.

  • ACCURACY will feel right inside any feelings of stuck, stress, or unsure will leave.  Now you can move forward with confidence and motivation.  

  • USE your strengths to stand out.

  • FIND your next steps.

High School


Your journey is just beginning


Now is the time to take stock of your natural talents.  Build up your key strength to stand out on college applications.


When you find your career first, then your major is obvious.  After, you can find colleges with strong programs and job placement rates.  Set up with the right high school classes, SAT/ACT targets, and land solid your goals for academic and college planning.


You will find your right career and education path   


  • Improve your college application targets.    

  • Knowing your career and major will help inform recruiting coaches offering sports scholarships.  

  • Select a Plan A and a back-up Plan B career.  

  • Select optimal AP classes to waive college core course requirements AND for background study for hard college major classes to come.



Stay on a solid track in college

Students entering college with a confident career target can plan all 4 years of classes to avoid setbacks from a major change, unforeseen class prerequisites, and required classes offered once a year.

Use this time to generate new possibilities that inspire and instigate change.  Re-imagine what else is possible for yourself, to bring your best ideas to life.  

Look ahead at internships, and jobs after college to be sure you take advantage of opportunities.  

Find relief of the invasive mental nagging thoughts on your major, and if you need to make a change.   


  • Learn how to search LinkedIn for all of your answers on the path for a doable or dream job after college.   Set up with college activities that matter, job skill-building classes, know your GPA target, work experiences, and internships to be on your way.  

  • Polish your resume and LinkedIn profile, so yours is not the canned look from college templates everyone is using.

  • Find your best targets to match your goals, interests, salary range, advancement potential, and how to stand out among the competition in a job search. 

See how choices you make now and down the road may expand opportunity.

Gain advanced LinkedIn searching and career research skills

Find answers for your career or job search question or topic.  Request this unique "Real-World of Work" training service. 

Learn which sources to use, in what order, the questions to shape your search, search keywords, and how to compile the information to save time.   Yes, LinkedIn is a top tool!   

All students believe they know how to use LinkedIn, but I have not yet met one who can pull powerful results before this training.  

This service is a "must" have, high value, for college students, and young adults after graduation.

QUESTIONS?  Feel free to discuss your situation and needs.   

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