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1. Highlands Ability Battery


2 meetings, 3 hours of advising + prep time.   

Instructions, 2 test keys, and 4 Reports.

Format:  Face-to-face meetings or video conferencing with screen share over Zoom.  

Meeting 1:  Q&A (1 hour) 

  • Whole person background,  values ranking, and interests. 

  • Follow-up with an email with the instructions, a temperament survey key code, and the Aptitude Battery key code.  3.5 hours, taken online at a time of your convenience at your home.    Sign in/out for breaks.  

  • 50+ pages of personalized reports:  (1) Student or Adult    (2) Career Explorations - with links to best-fit career profiles  (3) Learning Strategies, and  (4) Your Temperament. 

  • Clients selects 3-5 careers of interest.

Meeting 2:  Debrief (2 hours + prep time) 

  • A comprehensive interpretation of reports.

  • Discussion to address your career picks, needs and questions.  

  • One custom selected career recommendation provided.

  • A custom "To-Do List" relevant for your education level (high school, college, or young adult) and needs: 

  • High school:  major and college targets

  • College:  major, internships/co-op, job skills, and target post-graduation jobs.

  • Young adults:  Industry and segment.

You may choose to be finished after the debrief meeting if you are confident in your best fit career.  If you'd like to go further to evaluate several options, we recommend you add on the Career Guidance sessions.



2.  Career Research & Guidance


2 meetings, 3 hours of training and advising + prep time.   

A Career Research Guide, Analysis spreadsheets, and  Information Interview Guide.

Format:  Face-to-face meetings or video conferencing with screen share over Zoom.

Meeting 3: Career Research Training (2 hours)

  • Training with top websites to learn about industries and segments, employers, job titles, job announcements, job skills, and advancement for one career pick.  Learn patterns and targets that lead to optimal outcomes. 

  • Compile a custom "To-Do List" to be ready for internships or job applications.  Custom for age and your specific needs.    

  • Homework:  Use skills learned in training to evaluate your remaining career picks of interest.    

Meeting 4:  Resume Polishing (1 hour)

  • Resume review and polishing.


This Training Ensures:

(1) Accountability for completing homework to arrive at decisions.

(2) Learn skills that payoff for planning your job progression now and for the target career.    

(3) Find and see how real-world careers play out:  education, internships, entry-level firms & advancement, and stand out skills.   You will definitely find the range of results- what you want to avoid, dream for, and realistic paths to work toward today.     

(4) Build confidence for decisions.

(5) Create your custom "To-Do List."    

$299 add-on after the HAB is finished

3.  Custom Hourly Sessions


Career Decisions 

Follow-up Meeting 

Job / Internship Search Guidance

Resume / LinkedIn Profile Critique

Mock Interview

Employable Skills Development

Job Search Guidance

Keep moving forward to navigate college to career goals, through a career transition, or a job change.


You may decide to begin with payment for the Highland Ability Battery.  After completion, we can revisit your needs so you can make a decision on whether or not to add on the Career Decisions services.  


Call to discuss your needs and pricing options.  



We accept personal checks and major credit cards. 

To order services, call or schedule a conversation on the home or contact page.  We will discuss your needs, goals, and the first meeting date.  

You may bring a check at the first meeting, or you can request credit card payment. 

For credit card payment we send an online invoice with a secure link for you to enter your information to make payment.

Generally, payment is due after scheduling the first meeting.   


Hourly services are billed after service delivery. 


You may request a payment plan with no interest if paid in full within 3 months.  Inquire if you would like to have this option. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We sincerely believe the Highlands Ability Battery is the most comprehensive natural ability testing tool available in the US today.



Zoom or Face-to-Face

Choose the option of virtual meetings for your convenience and travel time savings.  

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Virtual & Face-to-Face Meeting Options

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