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Tutors & College Advisors


BigFuture - College Board

College Planning Action Plan

BigFuture, The College Board

  • Parent action plan by high school grade

  • Paying for college

  • How to complete the FAFSA financial aid form, and

  • Specific steps you can take to get your child ready for college.  


Top College Match Tool       

The College Board

Find the right college for you.  Enter your criteria and receive matches: ACT/SAT score, Selectivity, Location, Majors, Sports & Activities, Cost/Financial Aid and more.  The College Board manages ACT & SAT testing, so the connection to get college admissions data is accurate and complete.  I tested this site and found matches to be on target.   If you have started prep for the ACT/SAT, sign in on your account.

Free Resume & Cover Letter Templates, Courses, Job Listings, and More                      Cleverism  &  Novoresume

Browse through many free resume and cover letter templates and to upgrade the design and content of your materials.  Find jobs, learn, and take courses.  A great resource for job seekers.    Both Cleverism and Novoresume have free resume templates that will add professionalism and stand out design to your resume!  

College Advisers & Tutors

Jeff Orwick

Academic Tutoring, College Planning & Test Prep

FAST Mentoring

Fast Mentoring - This tutoring group is overflowing with passion and care for serving students.  We decided to join forces in building academic success, to launch a resume builder program to address college and career discovery needs.  Levels:  Middle School Through College

  • ​Tutoring & Test Prep ​

  • Study Skills

  • ACT/SAT Test Preparation

  • College Application Essays

  • Career Discovery - Natural Aptitudes, Best Fit Career, Major & College Targets

Stuart Canzini

College Financing

Peachtree College Planning

Stuart advises parents on college planning and how to save money on college for over 18 years.   He is the man who has combed over every detail.  You will learn facts and eye-opening insight if you attend one his FREE presentations at area high schools posted on his website.  He also happens to be the only adviser invited to speak on college planning and financing by many Atlanta metro public and private high schools.  The blog and email articles also provide good information on many related topics.  

Richard Matthews 

College Essay Tutor

The Smart Writer


Mr. Richard Matthews is a retired professional journalist with more than 30 years of experience on the staff of The Atlanta Journal Constitution.  He served as a reporter, a metro editor, an editorial writer, and member of The Atlanta Journal's editorial board where he wrote about 50 columns and 200 editorials each year.


Since beginning his tutoring service, Mr. Matthews has worked with more than 1000 students, helping them in several ways:

  • College application essay coaching

  • Teaching high-level writing skills

  • SAT and ACT test preparation


Many of his students have gone on to top universities and highly selective private schools around the country.  Richard is the best of the best.  There is a waiting list, so contact him early to get on the list.

Cindy Laubenstein

College Planning

Aspire College Consulting

  • Comprehensive service to cover the entire college planning process.

  • Hourly advising for a specific need.

  • Application management to be sure you stay on track with deadlines.


  • College candidate search

  • Campus Visits

  • ACT/SAT test strategy & timing

  • Staying on track with deadlines

  • Application essay tutoring

  • Navigating scholarships

  • Standing out strategy

  • Understanding forms and timing


Other Organizations

The Home School Mom - Georgia                       

Crossroads Teens - Johnson Ferry Baptist Church  

College Planning Resources


CollegeVine has free excellent college planning resources.  If you sign on their email, you will be sent many helpful videos, tips, and guides.

Finding a Job After Graduation

College Grad

Aimed at the entry-level job seeker, with tools for searching for jobs, posting your resume, and learning about careers.

How to Find a Job


Lots of elements to into finding a job! To find the right job you want to be sure you are addressing every spect of a thorough job search.  This site has many good resources to guide your job search process.  

College Ratings & Admissions Scores NICHE

A top website for reviewing college targets.  See a scatter graph with likelihood of acceptance based on your GPA and ACT/SAT score.

Careers by Major

What Can I Do With This Major?

An excellent site to translate the types of careers that are relevant with a study major.  There are more detailed categories that usually shown on college websites.

Fun Learning, No Tests or Grades!  The Great Courses  

Learn from top college professiors with no homework, no pressure, no tests, and at your own pace.  This firm has shopped and sampled top US professors known for a favorite college-level courses.  They offer to you over 500 expertly produced programs on CD, DVD, and Digital formats.  This is not a view of boring talking heads.  Students may gain additional viewing benefits:


(1) Find ideas for universities to attend, by seeing who is on this list of superstar teachers in a major of your interest.  

(2) Gain knowledge for an upcoming AP or college course. 

Save money by keeping a periodic watch for steep sales discounts.  Many public libraries inventory some titles.

Exploring Careers & Majors

Northeastern University

Many  colleges such as Northeastern  and Berkeley have excellent career information.  Browse by college majors, find career guides, resume builders, and guides such as how to conduct an Information Interview or Job Offers and Negotiating.  Keep digging on this site for many links and useful information.  

Find Your Purpose

80,000 Hours

You have 80,000 hours in your career.  Find great insight and information on how to fine your "purpose,"solve the world's most pressing problems, how to make a difference with your career, and have a more rewarding, and interesting life.  Find FREE career guides, research, quizzes, and decision tools.  The free Career Guide is highly recommended.

Study Habits & Raising Your Grades

College Info Geek 

Receive a free download booklet on "10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades (while studying less)."  This is a great site for finding many types of tips, books, and suggestions on what you can do to optimize your grades in high school and college.  There are 788 blog posts in the archives, a list of top posts, and this geek guy has covered the bases on what you can do to help you learn effectively, spend less time studying, and become more productive. 

Career Profiles 


O*Net is the largest online database of careers in the world.  Find 2-page profiles and detailed outlines by industry, segment, or job title.  We work with students on how find and sort through career options to arrive at top candidates

College Reviews

The Princeton Review 

Browse by college majors.  Find Features "A Day in the Life of a....", Paying Your Dues, Quality of life early on, 5 years out, and 10 years out.  

Students can prepare for college with monthly "'to-do" lists.  


“adMission Possible” by Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz - COLLEGE APPLICATIONS

Applying for college is not just about GPA, test scores, or how many activities you have done.  It’s about finding colleges that fit you as a student and person.  Learn hands-on advice for making the application process go smoothly and how to shine.

"The Secrets of Picking a College (and Getting In!)" by L. Jacobs, J. Durso-Finley & H. Hyman - COLLEGE SELECTION

Great insight and very specific advice about the college application process.  Informative, current, and logical.

"Never Pay Retail for College: How Smart Parents Find the Right School for the Right Price", by Beth V Walker - FINANCING COLLEGE

Every parent can benefit from this book, whether your student plans to attend Harvard, or a vocational college.  12 critical elements required for a successful college financing plan.

"Debt-Free U" by Zac Bissonnette - FINANCING COLLEGE

Find out how the author paid for an outstanding college education without loans, scholarships, or mooching off his parents.  Covers topics of choosing a college, types of colleges, making money to prepare for a career, and the dos and don'ts of paying for college.  

"I'm Going to College - Not You! by Jennifer Delahunty - HELICOPTER PARENTING

Acceptance into college has morphed into obsession for many parents, right?  If you are going through the college process, you know this well.  Enjoy a perfect prescription for this time that can bring out OCD in you, and enjoy some chuckles and insights from other perspectives.

"Endurance Training & Racing" by Dr. Philip Maffetone - SPORT TRAINING

Great information for high school athletes aspiring to play sports in college or for scholarships.  Are you a runner, swimmer, basketball or football player, or other athlete seeking greater endurance?  The chapters cover the territory on building your brain, muscles, and metabolism in athletic competition.  Find out ...

* Why overtraining is worse than "less" for success

* Why refined carbs and processed food are not good fuel

* How to build an athletic brain

* Feet are first

*  Outdoor/Indoor training benefits

* Controlling the pain game

"Reinventing You" by Dori Clark - GOALS & STRATEGY

Are you where you want to be professionally?  Do you want to advance faster at your present company, change jobs, or make the jump to a new field entirely?  If you are not seeing your desired goals met, read this book.  Gain an understanding of the facets involved in redefining who you are, why you want to do what you want to do, and how best to put this into the world. 

"The Start-Up of You" by Ben Casnoch and Reid Hoffman - STANDING OUT

Written by the co-founder and Chairman of LinkedIn.  The rules of work have changed.  What is required is a new entrepreneurial mind-set to seize new opportunities and meet today’s fractured career landscape.  You have to be adapting all of the time.  Your competitive advantage is found in your assets, aspirations and values, the market realities, and your networking skills.

"Guerrila Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0" by Jay Conrad Levinson and David Perry - JOB HUNTING

The latest job-hunting strategies for the Information Age.  You’ll discover key techniques to reach hiring managers at the employers you want to work for most.

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