Don't Let Your Math Skills Undermine Your Graduate School Plan?

When I went through graduate school planning, I'd labeled myself “not good at math.” This was my hard truth, not just low confidence. My dad had a mind for Ph.D. level math classes. He tried but was not able to reform me during those patient tutoring hours at the dining room table. His good genes were passed on to other siblings in my family. I always felt behind, unable to catch up. I was also creative, so I believed my right brain dominance was the problem.

The day came for me to start prep for the standardized tests. I got through this with much anxiety baggage. Fortunately, I got into the one college I applied to, a Catholic women’s college my mother recommended. Those were the simple days - about a 100 years ago. The math/science requirement gave the option of taking 2 college science lab courses to be exempt from math. I was clear of my math wall.

The math wall came back to haunt me. At the time I was working at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul. I was passionate about working on a masters’ degree just walking through this lofty setting. The barrier of this goal was the math portion of the GMAT test. I got through 1 test, but the stress nearly pushed me into the pass out zone after finishing. I needed a higher score, so I had to come up with a new miracle strategy.

Find Support

Kaplan - My salvation was Kaplan test tutoring, they specialist in standardized testing. I started over learning middle school math through high school beginning with prime numbers in workbook 1. I spent the summer tackling this goal with daily lessons. To my surprise I found learning math was not so bad. I was able to stay awake and I felt good when tracking progress. What I was learning all made common sense, fit together nicely, and my confidence grew. The next time I took the GMAT, I had a score that opened the door to begin a masters' degree. I was able to just let go of all those math phobia feelings blow away for good and the education helped to tackle a statistics class.

Kahn Academy - The best free and accessible resource is Kahn Academy. The online video library on a wealth of subjects. You can do a complete review or zero in on advanced topics to review. You can learn and work at your own pace. You can fast forward, rewind, repeat videos, stop and work out a problem on your own, all without having to consider other students’ or the teacher’s pace. There are an incredible amount of math problems for all grade levels.

FAST Mentoring - This Atlanta student tutoring group has some superstar math tutors. Consider a trial lesson, tutors at Fast Mentoring are passionate about tutoring, and your success most of all.

What is my point?

Would you like to let go of math phobia, anxiety, or discomfort? If so, do not let yourself be defeated by your perception about your challenge. So ask yourself the real questions:

  • What is really going on?

  • What are your priorities?

  • Is there something going on that you hate?

  • Why not face this, get over it, and move on with your graduate school applications?

  • Facing this probably won't be enjoyable, but do you want to carry around feelings of not being good enough?

  • What are not doing that you need?

  • What don't you know that you don't know?


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