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The Highlands Ability Battery is a powerful, high impact and gold-standard tool that parents and high school students will value.  

The group delivery format for the debrief on results by Susan Thrower, a certified Highlands consultant offers a substantial discount over the price of one-on-one meetings and delivery.   

The process includes:

1.  An Email with Instructions and the Keycode.  The HAB takes 3 hours to complete online. Students take this at home over a weekend and students can sign in and out for breaks.    

2.  Three Reports of 50+ pages includes: a Student Overview Report, a Career Explorations Report, and a Learning Strategies Report.  The Career Exploration Report includes top skills and matching to best-fit careers.   You will receive just just "the one," but many careers to choose from.  Career listings include hyperlinks to O*Net career profiles.  We suggest students pick out 3-5 careers of interest and to identify a Plan A and back-Up Plan B career.   

3.  Group Student Debrief Meeting, Parents are invited to attend as observers.   We build an overview of each of the 19 work samples, what is being measured, and what each range means.  We review the skill and career matches and learning strategies to boost academic success.  



An add-on individual one-on-one meeting may be arranged with the parents and student to help with narrowing the top best-fit career.  


All students are supported to arrive at a Plan A and Plan B career.  This brings growth in confidence, a release of being unsure, anxiety, being afraid of making a mistake, or having no idea at all.  Students can move forward with more motivation and ease in decisions for their major and college targets.  


Growth in self-understanding and of others.

Learning about one's unique, God-given natural abilities. 

Finding many "best-fit" career matches.

Discovering top skills that need to be used in a career to find the most success and fulfillment - and how not using these skills can be the root of job dissatisfaction.

Customized reports of 50+ pages include percentile scores, ability attributes, interpretation, and top career matches based on the combination of scores.  Each list of careers has hyperlinks to O*Net profiles. 

A group 2 hour debrief furthers the learning to promote student's understanding and highlights.  Parents are encouraged to attend the debrief meeting.

Why This Assessment?


I did quite a bit of research on leading career surveys and assessments out there.  I found 3 promising candidates and took these tests to compare my experience with other authorities.  I use the Highlands Ability Battery because it clearly stands out in-depth, accuracy, and impact on student plans.  The test norm for the scoring includes the full spectrum of students and college-educated working adults, not just students.


The debrief from a certified consultant is unique to the Highlands Ability Battery.  Other online career assessments or surveys I've found provide just a computerized report.  Some do not provide specific scores, just interpretation of strengths.  The infomation ends up going in and out the other ear of the student because they do not involve a teacher or person to debrief, and explain which of their scores are a big deal, and which are not. We all know numbers get attention, so students need to see an objective scoring of their percentiles.  There is no "why" provided on the career matches.  We also know students need to have follow-up discussions and decisions, so they gain confidence in selecting a major and college with a strong program.


How Can This Fit Into Your Program?

Consider "career planning" to be a part of the college planning curriculum.  The material is top-notch.  A school contact will receive a flash drive of all of the student reports.  There is good information to support your academic effort to boost study skills and any of the five learning memories.  This is perfect information for selecting college targets based on strong programs to support their career, not just a college that their friend is attending, with a good football team, or that "feels" right.         

Pricing is substantially discounted for groups at $199/person.  Let's talk about your ideas and see what is possible.


I've refined my own processes and feel this is a package worth your review that will bring unsolicited appreciation and praise from parents and students. 


Begin the conversation about your career planning resources, student body needs, and how this service could be used to boost your results.  


Contact:  770-861-0070 - Susan Thrower

QUESTIONS?  Feel free to discuss your situation and needs.   

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