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The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB)

The gold standard among career aptitude tests

What Are
The Highlands Ability Battery


A natural ability that makes it easy for you to do something well. 


 A talent, an innate ability.

What does innate mean?  

  • Your God-given natural abilities, hard-wired at birth.  

  • Derived from the mind, not experience or what you learn in school.

  • Belonging to the essential nature of you. 

You are at the right place

if you want a scientific, accurate,


       evaluation process. 

Aptitude testing provides objective, highly reliable data about your innate abilities. One of the best aptitude tests out there is the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB); it’s one we use because of its reliability and consistency over time… Unlike personality assessments, the HAB provides deep insights into your natural abilities, including how you approach cognitive challenges.

Unique to you

Your pattern of natural abilities are God-given and hardwired at birth, and they remain stable by age 14 throughout life.


A true ability or aptitude is not something you must learn. It is something that comes easily to you. When a particular task comes quickly and effortlessly to a person, that is a true ability. The HAB is the most effective assessment of natural or hardwired abilities.



A person can't learn a pattern of aptitudes,  they are either born with the pattern or not.  Unlike skills, they don't diminish with neglect.


A strong ability for a particular task makes that task easier to do, and often with greater accuracy and speed.   A weak ability takes more time or makes it more difficult to do that same task. 


People using their natural abilities will feel more fulfilled if they have a work or hobby outlet for their abilities.  Not using one's natural abilities can also be a source of feeling like you are not in the right career, or that your work is not satisfying.

Empowers accomplishment

People can accomplish many things for which they have little or no talent.  But they may not be happy or satisfied doing those things if they really have little natural ability or talent for them. 

So yes, you have to find the answer to your life's work inside of yourself


19 timed work samples that objectively measures your speed and accuracy of reasoning skills, creativity, visual skills, learning memories, and other natural abilities, and talents people use for various jobs.  This is not a self-report survey of your interests or personality.  You will receive 3 HAB reports.


Objective data

These aptitudes are so key to our wiring that to NOT use them often creates a nagging sense of overall dissatisfaction, especially when we get older.  Objective information is incredibly important about your aptitudes when you are making career decisions. 


The measures define your natural abilities based on performance, not your perception 


Scientific development

Knowledge about natural abilities was pioneered over 90 years ago by  Johnson O’Connor, a psychometrics Ph.D.   He devoted his life to the study of human engineering at General Electric Corp.  He noticed that some people were more accurate, faster, and happier in their jobs than others.  So, he started measuring human aptitudes. 


Johnson O'Connor developed accurate measurement tests.  He used the results to place people in jobs, and to figure out what people should do, or definitely NOT do when they applied for work at G.E.  He established that every individual is born with a pattern of abilities unique to him or her.   Since then, the assessment has been used on millions of people.  The work continues through the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation.  

Results remain relevant for your entire life

You will gain a solid foundation for lifelong consideration of career options.  


Testing time - 3 hours

 You may take the test at home at a time of your convenience.  You may also take breaks by signing in and out in between work samples.  



  • Define your Natural Abilities

  • Promote Self Understanding and of Others: Family, Boss, Colleagues

  • Build Self Confidence and Motivation

  • Gain Learning Memory Tips

  • Guides Educational Choices

  • Guides and Optimize Career Options



This is not an interest survey or IQ test.  There are no passing/failing, or good/bad scores - just measures to accurately describe the person and their abilities.  For example, some high percentiles indicate a certain reasoning ability, while a low percentile indicates another reasoning ability.  Low scores do not mean that you do not have any abilities. 


Every score - low, middle and high - has strengths and challenges associated with it.


Score Combinations

The combinations of abilities are also important.  Certain patterns for ability make it easy for some people to:


  • Work with tools or understand machinery

  •  Manage people well

  • Solve complex problems

  • Make quick decisions as an emergency room doctor

  • Be persuasive and work as a salesperson 



Custom reports are available immediately after completion of all the work samples.  They explain in detail your natural aptitudes, what they mean, how to apply them in work or study, problem-solving, optimal work environments, and communication.   


The Career Explorations Report of 33+ pages matches your combinations of low, mid, or high range scores to careers using the same aptitude levels. 

A Learning Memories Report provides many tips to strengthen learning memories .

Click Below to Learn More, or to View Report Samples


About The Highlands Ability Battery

The technology and research behind the Highlands Ability Battery

Sample Reports 

Career Explorations Report

The report with career links.


The Overview Report

Leadership Report

How many career matches do you receive?


Many career matches, not the "one." 

Report career matches have hyperlinks to O*Net, the world's largest source of occupational information for a few thousand occupations.  Many fields include all of major specialties.




Mechanical, electrical, industrial, consulting, logistics, civil, aeronautical,biomedical, architecture, industrial design, materials, chemical, environmental,  aerospace, electronics, petroleum, energy, health & safety, nuclear, geological, marine ...


Insurance, technical, wholesale & manufacturing, financial services, advertising, demonstrations, telemarketing, retail,  ...


Psychiatry, surgery, internal medicine, research, neuroscience, emergency, imaging, lab testing, pharmacy, nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy...

Computer Science

Computer systems analyst, Computer architecture, Distributed systems, System software, Simulation, Network security, Software analysis, Web developers, Computer systems engineering, MIS, AI ...


Litigation, criminal, estate planning, real estate, mergers & acquisitions, bankruptcy, judge, policy, compliance ...


Corporate, Stock trading, Commercial banking, Risk management, Investment management, Investment banking, Real estate finance, Real estate broker, Financial analyst...

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