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Why Your Student Needs Career Counseling

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Discover Your Best-Fit  Career


Young Adults

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We begin with the end goal...

The career after college graduation

Career  → Major → College


College → Major → Career



We go further... Training on career research, advanced search on LinkedIn, and a custom process to fit your needs. 


Find real-world career information, watch career videos, find your industry, top employer names, the jobs, education, skills and accomplishments needed to set up for entry and advancement. 




19 sets of timed work samples


Take a gold-standard, scientific

assessment with scoring and rigor known for the highest degree of accuracy.   Your combination of ability levels makes you a great fit for certain careers.

Arrive at powerful self-awareness and informed confident decisions

Knowing "why" ensures you will keep making the necessary investments and you will push through when things get challenging on your journey.




Personalized reports, & custom recommendations

Reports combine all 19 scores for your unique profile.  Receive not the "one," but many best-fit career profiles matched with your natural abilities. 



Optimize your college investment

and your career success

Find your best major and target colleges with strong programs.    

Avoid expensive changes - major, college, extra time to graduate, or not enough job skill-building courses to qualify for internships and a job in your field after graduation. 


Reach Your Potential


The Highlands Ability Battery

The Numbers Say it All


Timed work samples based on performance, not a self-report.


Many best-fit careers to choose from for lifelong consideration of career options.


Pages in personalized reports.



Based on a century of scientific research first conducted by Johnson O'Connor, Ph.D. in psychometrics, from Harvard University for General Electric Corp.  



Results led to confident career decisions for tens of thousands of

Highlands Co. clients.


This Career Assessment will help you find out what you are good at.  People who use their natural strengths in a career have stronger performance and are more fulfilled.  

Gain tremendous self-understanding and many best-fit careers

1.  Career Discovery

Career Research Training

Use your Highlands Ability Battery results to select your top 3-6 career matches. 

Explore your career options on top career websites. 

We build up a detailed success plan just for you

  • Watch candid career videos. 

  • Gain real-world insights - the pros and cons of your career picks: industries, employers, job titles, job skills, advancement patterns, and fit for your interests and needs.

  • LinkedIn training will help you mine the gold to get the most out of this site.  Learn the questions to ask.  Set up advanced searches giving you the numbers, and details that matter.

  • Arrive at clarity for your best career.

This training will help you make good career plan decisions for the rest of your life.  

2.  Career Guidance

Custom Needs


If you are driving hard to get a better job ASAP, we can use your time to fit your needs, search, and timeline.  


  • Expert guidance and tips.  Explore your options. 

  • Have a manageable to-do list.  We map it all out so you can gain valuable real work insight.    

  • Find out what needs to change to open the flow of opportunity and interviews.

  • Critique: Resume, LinkedIn Profile, or Cover Letter

  • Interview preparation

Set yourself in motion on a better career track

3.  Active Job Search

The best gift a parent can give their child is help finding clarity for a career, to optimize the college investment, and ultimately success and fulfillment.  

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Top 10 Job Target Tips

You know you are not alone at this time.  Read on for new grad tips to find a job and a fulfilling career.

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Ready to make a change?


  • Doubting or unsure about your college major?  

  • Journey with an experienced career counselor.   

  • Unlock your potential in both school and work. 

Upcoming College Graduates

  • Stressed about finding a job after graduation?  Get in touch to start a free conversation.  My clients gain focus, how they might salvage this economic upset.  Get help with standing out and find your targets plan for an industry, firms,  and job titles.  Be on your way.   

Coronavirus Status

I'm open, available, and I'm used to meeting with clients by Zoom, each week and every week, since I work with people all over the US.  Zoom is FREE, easy to set up and screen sharing is available.  Your well-being remains my highest priority and I'll do my best to support you to be encouraged, during this challenging time.  After this quarantine time is over, we will resume the option of face-to-face meetings.     

If you are a parent home with kids from school looking for productive use of time, consider this career project for your high school student, college student or young adult.  Project timing is tailored to your needs and schedule.  

Questions?  Schedule a free 20-minute conversation at a convenient time to discuss your situation and needs.   

Interested in a Free Conversation?



20 min | by phone | learn more | no commitment | no sales pitch


The Highlands Company
Certified Consultant

Susan Thrower

Certified.  Experienced.  Supportive.

Specializing in career counseling and assessments for students and young adults age 15 to early 30s.

Why Student To Career?

  • Use top assessment tools

  • No canned approach

  • Real-world work experience

  • Unique career research training to build confident decisions and to help you stand out

  • Highlands Co. Certified Consultant

  • 20 years of advising students, global businesses, and entrepreneurs.   

  • Work experience at high schools and colleges, including Georgia Tech.

  • ​MS in Marketing

  • I'm a mother who has gone through the college planning process, so I know what you need.

  • Passionate about helping young people find their best career path. 


Start planning your career success!  

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